Terraces and summer are almost synonymous. In the fall of evening, Whether to fold when a work day in which a minute until relaxation LOOKING PARTNERS with them or pareja or After a day of beach, When one of us feel like the chilly buena shadow and a buen ambiente, the terrace of a bar or restaurant is the perfect complement for Close The day and the sunset and the dar paso night.
In our tradition on summer terrace you come from far and its prestige years after years of Labor, first-rate service and quality. There are places that it already mantienen this Legacy vivo and enjoy where we will carry truth of what is a Mediterranean terrace. One of these places, is the terrace restaurant of Les Marines, located in Gava Mar.
It is a safe bet. The renovations that are Made in collaboration with the brand Preciado French champagne Moet & Chandon.
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